Victoria DeJohnette Fischbeck

Our Estheticians

Stephanie West

With 10 years of experience in the skincare industry, working as an eyebrow artist and esthetician, Stephanie has garnered my most valuable training as a brow artist from Anastasia Soare - world-renowned eyebrow artist to the Hollywood elite and founder of Anastasia of Beverly Hills; About 3 ½ years ago, while under her tutelage, she was offered advanced instruction on what makes the flawlessly arched eyebrow. She also specializes in the artistry of Brazilian and body waxing as well as many other esthetician-related services. Stephanie is also certified and experienced in treating conditions of the skin through the use of acid peels, and facial treatments, including microdermabrasion. As a freelance trainer, she is able to share her passion for skin care as she often travels nationally teaching other estheticians about skin care products & ingredients, facial protocols, and brow shaping. All of her services are aimed at enhancing one’s natural beauty.

Victoria has been working in the Skin Care industry for 14 years and specializes in medical based treatments; including Anti-Aging, Adult Acne, and Rosecea. Her resurfacing treatments using AHA Exfoliation peels and Combination Chemical Peels improves overall complexion and restore a "youthful glow" to sluggish or devitalized skin. Her machines she uses for treatments include the Clarisonic Brush, Diamondbrasion, and Radiancy Light and Heat Energy. All facials are customized for the client's skin type. The pharmacuetical lines of skin care products are reasonably priced and most of all accurate at changing skin issues. She also uses a safe, soy-based, antibacterial, antimicrobial, NON-WAX, hair removal system. It is safe for all skin types all over the face and body. The real joy and satisfaction she recieves, is when she is able to see lives changed due to heathier skin.